Inventory - Page 8



If your MindMyAssets subscription level entitles you to use the inventory of parts and consumables you will be able to record your initial stock levels of all consumables and thereafter record your purchases and adjustments of inventory.

When setting up your list of parts and consumables you nominate those which you want to track in your inventory.

By doing so, you will restrict the list of consumables to only those you are tracking when you are recording purchases. For convenience, you can add new consumables in the inventory while recording purchases on both the web and mobile applications. Those newly added consumables are automatically added to the tracked inventory items list. 

As you consume your parts and consumables, your inventory stock levels will automatically be adjusted. When selecting parts or consumables using the drop down lists, you will notice the stock levels for all tracked items are displayed in brackets to the right of the consumable name. See below I have 3 tyres of type "367/120/45" in stock and 12 of type "Firestone 432/80".

On the main inventory screen listing, you will see the transaction type's quantities colour-coded to make it easier to see what is an addition and what is a deduction.

The "Stock On Hand Report" is useful when performing a physical stock take of your inventory.