Assets List - Page 3



There are many fields that you can set up for your assets if required. As MindMyAssets is designed to be a great place to keep records on asset types of virtually any kind, obviously you will only need to use a percentage of that long list of fields. In fact, the only fields that are mandatory are the Asset Identifier and the Asset Type. 



Uploading a photo of an asset can be done in two ways:

  1. Using the upload facility on the last page of the Asset setup form in the web or cloud application.

  2. Using the MindMyAssets Mobile App.
    1. In the Settings screen turn on the option: "Use photographs of assets & expense receipts".
    2. On the Assets screen of a selected asset, look for the camera icon at the bottom of the asset information screen.
    3. Tap on the camera icon to take the photo of the asset. It will automatically upload to the cloud.