Mind My Assets - Machinery and Vehicle Maintenance, Asset Records - Online, Cloud and Mobile

6 things Mind.My.Assets can do for you

Store all important information

  • Oils & Fluids Used
  • Capacities (Fuel tank, engine oil, differential etc.)
  • Horse power, tare weight, important statistics
  • Engine number, chassis number etc.
  • Registration information
  • Depreciation information
  • more... 
Repairs & Maintenance Scheduling & Records
Quality Control & Preventative Maintenance Checklists
Spare Parts Lists
Service Packs
Inventory of Consumables & Parts

The history behind Mind My Assets Web & Mobile


The history began in 1991 when we developed a lightweight record keeping application for the head mechanic of a large Ford Dealership in country Western Australia. We called the program "MAX" and promoted it to a wide range of potential clients across Australia: Municipal councils, truck fleet operators, tour coach operators, school bus operators, farmers, crane hire operators, etc. 

MAX was rewritten in 1997 for Windows. Now MAX has evolved into Mind My Assets Web & Mind My Assets Mobile. The same simple principals have been used. A lightweight application for keeping track of all equipment, machinery and vehicle type assets. One place to store all serial numbers, commonly used parts, maintenance schedules, running costs, tyre replacements ... etc. 


The diversity of asset records you could keep in Mind My Assets are only limited by your imagination. 


To load the MindMyAssets Mobile app on your mobile device, search for MindMyAssets in the relevant store. You can access demonstration data with the app. Instructions are on the login screen in the app. 

To help you get a good understanding of how the app works, you can access demonstration data. Instructions on how to access demonstration data can be seen on the login screen in the app. 

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